Requirements for CPD


Structured CPD

The participation in training or study of subjects, allowable for all STRUCTURED CPD hours, must be for the purpose of directly enhancing the professional, technical skills of the member of SOLAS as provided for within the following conditions:-  

  1. The training or study must be relevant to the core subjects studied to gain membership of SOLAS

  2. Or the training or study must be relevant to a professional duty considered by SOLAS General Council to be appropriate for performance by a member of SOLAS within a Legal Office, e.g. Practice Management, Office Management, Financial Accountancy, Health and Safety; this provision to be limited to a total of 2 CPD hours in any CPD year.   

  3. The following are examples of duties, which are considered by SOLAS General Council NOT to be allowable for CPD under provision (b) above – Estate Agency, Conveyancing.

  4. The following will NOT be allowed for STRUCTURED, or for UNSTRUCTURED CPD hours – participation in training or study for the purpose of enhancing the mental or physical wellbeing and/or personal skills of the member of SOLAS, e.g. stress management, memory enhancement, team-building, i.e. the activity does NOT bear a direct relationship to the technical skills required to carry out the professional[DN1] duties of the member of SOLAS.

Unstructured CPD

This consists of reading, either from textbooks, update on Law Society Accounts Rules, PAYE Guidelines, Money Laundering and financial related matters etc. Lecturers at LAW SOCIETY/ SOLAS classes may claim unstructured hours only, for preparation of these lectures.

Branch committee meetings, General Council meetings, or attendance at Branch or National AGM do not count towards CPD.

Combinations of structured and unstructured hours are acceptable only when the full amount of structured time has been completed.

If any member is unsure regarding the status of CPD they should contact their branch secretary or treasurer who will advise.

CPD Requirements in regard to maternity leave

If a member goes on maternity leave, their CPD form should be submitted to their local branch in the normal way, together with their subscription for the year. An exemption will be approved by General Council for a total period up to 12 months.

However if maternity leave straddles 2 years the CPD exemption will be apportioned over the 2 years. Therefore CPD forms and subscriptions must be submitted each year, stating maternity leave start and finish dates.

All completed CPD forms and subs must be sent to the Administrator, Mrs Dorothy Nicholson, 17 Raith Gardens, Kirkcaldy, KY2 5NJ by 30th November each year.

Any outstanding subs at 31st January will result in the member’s name being deleted from the database.