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This site is intended to provide information to legal firms, their employees and other associated businesses interested in the work of Scottish Law Accountants.

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These are laid down in the Memorandum and Articles of Association, to provide an organisation for people employed in accountancy work in Scottish law firms, in which they can meet with others with a view to the interchange of opinion on questions of practice.

Our regular branch meetings give facilities for members to hear talks by various speakers and for organising discussion groups.

The Society wishes to promote the education and advancement of individuals with a view to assisting them in becoming proficient in all aspects of law accounting. To this end SOLAS provides an Evening Course.


History of SOLAS

The Society originated in 1910 in Aberdeen and flourished until the First World War which disrupted its activities, and in 1924 due to the loss of membership during the War and the lack of new members it was allowed to lapse.

In 1953 there was a renewal of interest, again in Aberdeen and the Aberdeen branch was reformed in 1954 and then in 1958, a branch was formed in Glasgow.

Branches in Edinburgh and Dundee followed shortly thereafter and although the Dundee branch lapsed for some years it was re-established in 1988. Classes started in Inverness in September 1991 and a branch was formed in 1993.