Seminars - Dundee

Dundee Syllabus 2019-20

3 October 2019, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Rachael Delaney, Solicitor, and Lynne Alexander, Senior Assistant, Blackadders LLP, Guardianships, Accounts, Financial Expectations and Rules 

7 November 2019, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Richard Wilson, Solicitor, Blackadders LLP, Companies House Dos and Don'ts

5 December 2019, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Jack Boyle, Director, Blackadders LLP, Topic TBC

6 February 2020, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Lorna Christine, Partner, Thorntons - Topic TBC

5 March 2020, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Dale Ross, Director, Blackadders LLP. Topic TBC

2 April 2020, Thorntons, Dundee      18:00-19:00

Natalie Cooke, Law Society of Scotland, Cash Room and AML Rules updates

8 May 2020, AGM, Dundee 18:00-19:00

Stewart Dunbar ( and others?), Blackadders LLP, Topic TBC

3 September 2020, Thorntons, Dundee 18:00-19:00

EQ Chartered Accountants, Topic to be confirmed

Each Seminar should last approximately 1 hour (from 6pm until 7pm) and will qualify for CPD.

You are reminded that Members of the Society require a minimum of FIVE HOURS structured CPD (organised talks etc) together with FIVE HOURS

Unstructured (reading etc) each year.